photo d'Etienne Baudrier

Etienne Baudrier

I am now assistant professor in the university of Strasbourg (since sept 2008). I do research in the team "Modèle Image, Vision" (MIV) du Laboratory  of Sciences of Image, computer and remote detection (LSIIT). Specifically, I work under the theme "Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology (GDMM). I teach at the Department of computer science.

I have worked on my PhD (2002-2005) in the laboratory CReSTIC, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. More precisely, in the Image team of the CReSTIC in Troyes. My PhD subject, in Image processing, was the development of content based image retrieval methods with an application to a database of digital medieval impressions.

Interest :

  • Discrete Geometry
  • Tomography
  • mathematical morphology
    • Non-linear  multi-resolution analysis based on morphological operators
  • Image quality assessment
  • Locale measure of dissimilarities
  • binary image comparison